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The pages in this section of the website (via links at the foot of this page) provide latest news and photos from our link parish of Ndola North in  Zambia. Our link with Ndola North forms a part of the Diocesan link with Zambia.

The Diocese of Bath & Wells has been linked with the five dioceses of the Anglican Church in Zambia for nearly 40 years. The Link is expressed through warm personal relationships and friendships, a deep desire for unity between the very different contexts, a mind for God’s mission in the world, and the place of the Link in fulfilling God’s call. A recent review of the diocesan link with Zambia included the following quotes:

‘There are more things in common between Zambia and Bath and Wells than we would ever have imagined.’ - quote from Bath & Wells.

‘This is a family relationship. It’s not about money. It’s a lifelong kind of relationship’ - quote from Zambia.

During 2018 the 40th anniversary of the partnership will be celebrated with a number of events both here in the UK and in Zambia, including opportunities to visit Zambia.

As a part of this Diocesan initiative, St Andrews, Backwell  is linked with St Andrews, Chipulukusu in the Parish of Ndola North, which is in Central Diocese. The Parish covers the northern half of the city of Ndola.

The city of Ndola is the third largest city in Zambia, with a population of 455,000 - about the same as Bristol. It is the industrial and commercial centre of Zambia's copper-mining region and is the capital of Copperbelt Province. It has one of the three international airports in Zambia (the others being Livingstone and Lusaka). Ndola lies just 10km from the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo. (Click on the map for a larger version in a new window.)

Chipulukusu is the largest township in Ndola and is a sprawling neighbourhood to the north east of the city centre.

The photo above is St Andrew's church, Ndola North. The Parish includes three other church  communities - St Paul's, St Patrick's, and St Mary's. This is a long-established link, being at least 20 years old. Communication is mainly by e-mail, with current news and particular prayer requests being exchanged.

Visits also play an important part in strengthening the links. Visits have taken place from Backwell to Chipulukusu, and from Chipulukusu to Backwell, with most recently the visit of Fr Edwin Zulu to Backwell in May 2016.

Zambia Link - Churches in parish of Ndola North, Zambia
Pictures of the four churches in parish of Ndola North, Zambia

Zambia Link
Letter from Fr Edwin Zulu 20-11-17

Zambia Link - Pew Bulletin from Ndola North Parish
Ndola North parish pew bulletin dated 30th July 2017

Zambia Link - Photo of Fr Zulu
Fr Zulu visiting St Andrew's Backwell 29th May 2016

Zambia Link
Email from Fr Zulu Edwin Ackim

Zambia Link
Christmas Email from Fr Zulu

Zambia Link
Letter from Rev'd Zulu - September 2015

Zambia Link
Email from Father Edwin Zulu - June 2015

Zambia Link
Letter from Father Edwin Zulu

Zambia Link - our link parish in Chipulukusu
Induction of Father Zulu as the new priest of the parish on 26th April 2015