Guidance on Volunteering via the Andy’s Sunday Team Rota


An ‘Andy’s Sunday Team’ has been set up within the iKnow church management system. Included within the Team is everyone who has at some point undertaken any of the roles that help make the Sunday service happen or who has expressed interest in helping out. A summary of the roles can be viewed by clicking here (opens in new window).

iKnow is designed to facilitate easy creation and viewing of an online rota. You are invited to volunteer for any of the roles at any of the Andy’s Sunday services through to March 2019 by adding your name to the online rota.

Normally Team members would be able to view a rota but not edit it. However, as we prepare the ‘first draft’ of the rota, all Team members have for the time being been given access to edit the rota as well as view it. It is therefore important that the instructions below are followed carefully (or you could inadvertently edit the wrong parts of the rota!).

Volunteering via the online rota.

  1. Login to your iKnow dashboard.
  2. In the drop-down menu (top right, next to the blue ‘help’ button) click on the ‘Teams’ icon.
  3. You may then see a list of Teams – select the Andy’s Sunday Team. (This step 3 will only apply for those who also serve on other teams at Andy’s or St Andrew’s)
  4. You will then be at the Andy's Sunday Team page. Click on ‘Rotas’ in the top menu bar. Then click on ‘Andys’ under ‘Public Events for Andys’ in the left hand panel.
  5. Click on ‘Edit Rota’ in the right-hand panel. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING WITHIN THE CENTRAL PANEL (‘Roles for this event’).
  6. You will now see the rota grid has opened in a new browsing tab. Each row in the grid represents a monthly Andy’s Sunday service through to March 2019. Along the top are the roles to be undertaken at each service. You will need to scroll right using the slider bar at the bottom of the page to see all the roles; and scroll down to see all of the service rows.
  7. To volunteer simply click on the ‘Add Person’ button for any given role at any given service and select your name from the drop-down list that appears. PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING IN THE TWO LEFT HAND COLUMNS OF THE GRID – ON THIS PAGE CLICK ONLY ON ‘Add Person’ BUTTONS, NOTHING ELSE! PLEASE ASLO ENSURE THAT YOU DO NOT ADD OR DELETE ANY OTHER PERSON’S NAME.
  8.  You may of course volunteer for more than one role on any given Sunday. If you do, a pop-up window will appear informing you that you have volunteered for more than one role – simply close this pop-up window and continue. At this stage of rota preparation, there is no limit to the number of names that may be added to any given slot - so please do feel free to add your name even if other name(s) may already have been entered – at this stage, better too many volunteers that not enough!
  9. When finished, simply close the browser window – the information you entered will already have been automatically saved to the system.
  10. This should leave you with the browser tab from Step 5 above still open. You may wish to click on ‘View Rota’ in the right-hand panel to review what you have entered - BUT, AGAIN, PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING WITHIN THE CENTRAL PANEL ‘Roles for this event’. When finished viewing the rota, close the browser tab.
  11. When finished, click on the round black icon top left to return to your dashboard. Then logout from iKnow via the drop-down menu (top right, next to the blue ‘help’ button).
  12. Any problems or questions, please email the iKnow Administrator for help.

Finalising the Rota

The rota will remain editable for volunteering until 10th April. The Andy’s Leadership team will then review the volunteers for each ‘slot’ and finalise the rota. The Leadership Team is grateful for, and encourages, volunteering for any and all roles. However, where the Leadership Team considers that someone would be better suited fulfilling an alternative role this will be discussed with the volunteer prior to the rota being finalised.


The ‘iShare’ button in the top menu bar on the Andy’s Sunday team page (Step 4 above) and the blue ‘Start conversation’ button give access to an instant messaging system. However, we are not currently using this part of the system so please do not click on these.